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Battling Jock Itch in West Africa


I'm so glad i have found your website today and found out alot of valuable information.

I'm a 28 year old male and i have been fighting with candida in the groin for almost 6 months now and its driving me crazy. I'm originally from the middle east but i have been in west africa for a year now for work.

Let me brief you on my situation. I was first given itraconazole tablets for 2 weeks and daktacor cream to apply twice daily for 2 weeks. Two weeks after that course it was still not ok so i was given Travocort cream to apply once daily for 2 weeks. When the course was over it started feeling better day after the other. When i visited my dermatologist 2 weeks later he was happy with the result and prescribed me a johnson aqueous cream that i have been applying for a week now but i was told nothing about diet.

Now it feels much better than before but i still cant wear jeans and skin feels like dry, sticky and hurts from time to time.

Please i need your help on what to do next. Do i go for the diet?? This thing has been affecting me psychologically and causing me stress and anxiety.

Thank you in advance and would be glad if you could help me and hope to hear from you soon

asked Feb 2, 2014 in Treatment by anonymous

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There are certain things that you have to be careful with such as your sweat, ensuring the your groin area breaths, and wearing loose cotton clothing. If you can use talcum powder on your groin area as well to ensure that the area is always dry.

Going on a good diet is absolutely essential if you want to really get rid of candida. Taking the right vitamins can ensure you get the necessary nutrition as well as probiotics to make sure flora is well maintained.

Wash properly, maintain hygiene, take the right probiotics, eat the right food, and you should see some results. You should still apply the cream the doctor prescribes as well. The stress and anxiety will definitely not help it go away any sooner.

You can read the candida diet, detox and protocol book as it outlines everything.
answered Feb 3, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)