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Rash underside of breast, face infection, vaginal itch

I need info to correct this problem. I found your site after my face broke out starting at right eyebrow which shortly traveled to left eyebrow across my nose. Advised I had dry skin by dermatologist and told to take over counter cosmetic. Have incrustation on both of my ears mainly on the back. Broke out with acne on my face and chest. Can you help me? Vaginal itching very bad
asked Jan 20, 2014 in Treatment by anonymous

2 Answers

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Hello, with the rashes present there is a very good chance your dermatologist would be able to determine if it was a yeast infection or not.

If you believe it's a yeast infection because you have rashes and the other accompanying symptoms that you have then it owuld not hurt for you to do a candida diet. It is absolutely healthy, and will make you much better off than you were before you started it.

It's not uncommon for people who have rashes even worse than you described and hair loss recover better than before they were sick at all.
answered Jan 20, 2014 by Angela Helper (460 points)
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If you've had the rash, your dermatologist must have biopsied it to know that it's not a fungal infection of some sort.

If you do think you have candida, the best thing to do would be to click the links on the right for the candida treatment book. I've used them myself and they've helped me.
answered Jan 20, 2014 by Angela Helper (460 points)