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Bad Toe Nail Infection

I've had a bad fungal infection on my nail when I broke my big toe and my nail completely tore off. It never grew back normally and I was suffereing for a fungal nail infection for over 10 years. I've applied various creams, such as Pentax, and have tried Vicks, but results get a little better and then go away. I've also recently developed jock itch, which I'm using tea tree oil for, but it just keeps coming back as soon as I stop. This jock itch is new, and I was wondering if the toe nail fungus is the reason for it? I am overweight, and exercising recently, is it possible that it's the sweat? What should I do? I've found the probacto blog to be very helpful, should I follow the treatments recommended there? Thanks
asked Jan 17, 2014 in Treatment by anonymous

1 Answer

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I see that you've tried various things to get rid of your yeast infection. Because it's inside your nails it makes it very difficult as you cannot "apply" anything onto it directly. The jock itch and the toenail fungus can easily be connected as it's all fungus. If you have fungus inside you, that is what happens. You need to take care of it from the inside out. Of course still apply everything you are applying, and you need to be healthy. I see that you're overweight and exercising recently, the sweat will hurt, but in the long run being healthy is better and will make it easier to get rid of the fungus.

10 years is a long time for anybody to have to suffer, and I recommend you get on a candida treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll be better.
answered Jan 19, 2014 by anonymous