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Can I beat candida in my country Estonia?

I'm from Estonia. To make long story short, I discovered my candida myself, after struggling about 5-6 years with my symptoms that couldn't be resolved ( strong fatique, rash in my left arm only, itchiness on my scalp, stress, mood swings and finally yeast on my toenail). Like everyone elses story, there are symptoms but no cure that lasts. 
Now I find myself alone, because I don't know which doctor really deals with that. It's not my GP and it's not gastroenterologist( who made the saliva test in laboratory tho, with a result of candida albicans ). Now I have read only from Internet about that in english language and I found out alot. But the thing is they don't sell good probiotics in our pharmacies and I hardly can find anything that would help me beat my candida ( also like good supplements like swedish bitters and antifungals). 
What I have done is that I have been now in very strict diet for a month, no dairy products , no bakery no wheat products( included wholegrain like barley, rye and oat, apart from that I have had rice and buckwheat), no sugar at all, included fruits and all other hidden sugars.
I don't know how is it with lean chicken meat here, because my country is quiet small and we can probably find more clean meat than in bigger countries, but same time I have no insight whatsoever of how they grow chicken and its not written in anywhere when I buy fresh chicken, does it mean its fresh or it still can have hidden hormones and antibiotics in it? And how can I know it? 
The other problem is that we don't also have much choice with vegetables, I mean different salads. And they are also bought in from other countries. In summer time now I have bought mostly my own country grown vegetables but soon that time will be over and all salads and tomatoes and cucumbers come in and they might also be injected with preservatives, they probably are.
What suggest do you have for me? Will I be able to beat it here in my country?
( I take omega3 vitamins, Magnesium and B vitamins, probiotics 1,6billion bacterias per 1 capstule, coconut oil 5 spoons a day at the moment, one type of antifungal called Dida, which has only herbs inside, apple cider vinegar, grapefruitseed extract, C vitamin 1000mg a day and D vitamin)
I mainly eat spinach, tomato, cucumber, salad, cauliflower, brokkoli, cellery, onion,turnip,chicken, rice , buckwheat, eggs, trying adding garlic to my menu,olive oil,peppers.
Thank you for taking Your time,
asked Jan 16, 2014 in General Candida Questions by mikhel

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As long as you are willing, you can beat candida anywhere you live in the world. Sometimes I feel like you would have an advantage in a country that isn't as "developed" because not everything is loaded with antibiotics. You can order Probiotics like Probacto to your country if you need it. You can also take Kefir as well.

To be honest there is no real way that I know how to tell if a food is loaded with antibiotics or not. You can try meeting with local farmers and speaking with them asking, even possibly visiting them if you can. There is no better food than farm fresh.
answered Jan 16, 2014 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)