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Severe Candida Reactions

Hi thanks for all of the articles on your blog. I've been battling candida on and off for the past three years and have been sugar and alcohol free for over 6 months. Whenever I drink the slightest amount of alcohol I have a severe reaction with a terrible hangover and feel like I'm going to die. I ordered a vegetable smoothie that had fruit in it, and also had the same reaction. Should candida die-off be this strong after this much time? Is it possible that this is not candida but is liver related? Is there any product you can recommend for the die-off? I feel anxious and it's driving me up the wall. My doctor thinks I'm absolutely crazy and making everything up.
asked Jan 14, 2014 in General Candida Questions by Laura

1 Answer

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Most candida sufferers feel alone, and nobody really understands what they have or what they are going through. Because they do not experience these same symptoms they sometimes think that we are making it up or are crazy. This is not unusual for doctors to feel that way, and I absolutely feel your pain. I suffered with candida alone for many years before I was finally able to get the treatment that I needed.

Candida Die-Off is usually accompanied by being on a strict candida diet which will kill the candida. It's possible that your candida is reacting to the acohol in your body, but it's also possible that there is something else going on.

If you believe it to be your liver it would be best to get tests done. If you explain the symptoms to your doctor you might be able to get insurance to cover it. At least get liver enzyme tests done. It is odd that you would experience hangover like effects when you have small amounts of alcohol because the real cause of a hangover is dehydration and just 1 sip should not give someone a hangover for 2 days. There could be several different reasons such as you're allergic to the product the alcohol was made with. It doesn't always have to be candida, die-off, etc.

If anything does bug you though, completely avoid it. It cannot be good.

For candida die-off, I've had candidaoff which is sold by probacto with good results, but am not sure it will help you in your situation. You can try it, but it all depends on what your symptoms are caused by. Are they caused by the alcohol or candida? That is what you have to find out.
answered Jan 14, 2014 by Ray