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I'm doing everything right, but no relief

I'm not sure if I'm an unusual case or not, but I need help. I am a 50 year old male who was once very active before I was hit with a very terrible case of what I believe to be a yeast infection. I have been to countless doctors taken medicine did different tests, and tried countless supplements.
I've been taking oxy cleanse, probiotics, digestive enzymes, threelac, fish oil vitamin d, multi vitamins, fish oil, htp, prostate supplements, zinc, threelac and have been on a super strict candida diet for the past 12 weeks. The symptoms do not feel ANY better. NONE!
I haven't been getting any exercise because it makes my symptoms worse and I'm going insane. Shouldn't my symptoms be getting better with the candida fighting supplements and the very strict diet that I'm on? Is it possible that it's the die-off that's causing the bad symptoms? I have constant burning. I need help and cannot deal with this any longer, I'm exhausted both physically and mentally. I want to believe I'm on the right track but I'm not really completely sure anymore.
I hope someone can answer my questions.
asked Jan 12, 2014 in Diagnosis by Richard

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To be honest your case sounds very difficult.

I am not sure what sort of candida diet you are on, because there are countless different potential diets. You are also on a lot of different supplements which could be helping, but some may be hurting. There are some supplements that I believe to be amazing, and some which I believe are not much more than a placebo (remember placebo's are sugar pills, and what does sugar do to candida)?

I know on the internet many people believe that everything is candida, but there must be a reason for your belief. As much as it's convenient to believe that you have candida, but sometimes you must take a step back and really analyze it. Why do you believe that it's candida? The itching? Burning?

What if you happened to develop allergies to some soap or laundry detergent that you were using? It's hard to believe but it can be another medical condition, or even an std, etc. You can't rule out what it is, but you can get help.

It's really upsetting that doctor's aren't helping, but if there are any symptoms they should be taking a culture and looking at it. If it's yeast it should be relatively easy to see, if it's not yeast then you will be one step closer to solving your problem.
answered Jan 13, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)