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Is my problem from Die-off?

It's so obvious that I have a Candida overgrowth and have for a long time, but I have not started a Candida diet yet because, to tell the truth I know it's just going to be too hard for me. I have to work six full days a week and I eat like a hog on the days I work. Anyway I stopped drinking beer about a week ago to see if it would help and four days ago I stopped sodas. The only things I drink now are coffee and water. I was drinking two and three beers every night and all I would ever drink at work were sodas, four or five 16 oz drinks every day and I'm not talking about diet drinks. Two days ago I started having a terrible headache which felt like a migraine by the time I got home from work. That night I started having chills and my body ached like I was getting the flu. Today I feel exactly the same with those same symptoms although I think I'm getting used to the headache if that's possible, but now I'm getting dizzy every time I turn around or stand up from a sitting position. What is this? It can't be a lack food because I'm still eating plenty of food, I'm just not drinking beer or sodas any longer. Could this possibly be coming from die-off even if I'm not on the diet?
asked Sep 7, 2013 in General Candida Questions by Amanda

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In a word, yes, it can and probably is due to the die-off toxins. You were drinking 3 beers a day or 48 ounces, and alcohol is a substance that contributes to a beneficial environment in which the Candida can easily survive and reproduce. You've taken part of their environment away and some of the Candida are paying for it.

In addition, you were drinking enough sodas to obtain between 124 and 155 grams of sugar a day. Trust me, you were making the Candida in your intestines very happy with such a generous supply of sugar, and they were rewarding you by steadily increasing their population. Removing that much sugar at one time is going to make a difference simply because you had been supplying this amount for so long. Nevertheless, I would continue doing this, especially if it's the least you can do to treat the infestation. You can take Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and Candidate by Native Remedies to help lessen the die-off symptoms.
answered Sep 7, 2013 by Sean Knows About Candida (1,540 points)