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How long should I take antifungals for Candida?

I wanted to know how long do I have to use antifungal creams for? I've used it for a week like instructed but it just came back.
asked Jul 18, 2013 in Treatment by Pam Newbie (140 points)

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So you are also one believing in a fabricated term? God only knows for how many suns and moons this question will keep coming up. Listen, this is just a farce made up by the medical industry. Garlic, oregano and clove oil and olive leaf extract do just the same but since they are weaker in intensity than pharmacological antifungals, they need a couple other additional factors. However, the good part is they do not massacre your gut flora unlike your Diflucanazoles and Clotrimazoles. As topical applications, these so-called antifungals just suppress the symptoms and that’s all about it. Clear them out from your insides if you really want to get cured.

What’s weaker needs a support. In this case, it is probiotics that provide it, which helps to reverse the process, which is the actual healing. You may build a house on a patch of marshy land and see it topple and repeat the process forever, but given you build it on a ‘solid’ ground, you enjoy staying there forever. Antifungals rids of the pathogen but leaves the gates wide open for the same pathogens to take over again; what you should do instead is seal the gates with adequate numbers of sentries to fight off intruders.

But here comes the catch. Antifungals (and antibiotics) also screw the rest of the body components involved in the body’s immunological function. For example, the T-lymphocytes; they plain damage them. Also, if you cannot sustain a healthy gut pH balance, it will spell doom to the probiotics you already had. They start to die off and that repeats the whole story again, falling into a never-ending loop. You better stick to the natural variety instead if you want to pack up the deal in a month or two.

Or, put more simply, these medicines just treat the results of a candida infection, not the Candida per se. Signs of a poor health are not separate diseases or illnesses; you cannot treat it without looking at the entire body. Fungal infections are a result of poor nutrition and the body’s inability to clear the accumulation of toxins and wastes. Antifungals are no cleaning agents; they kill the fungus all right but the remnants stay within the system; so do their excretory matters. They cannot improve a lowered vitality, thus adding on to stress, which starts a vicious cycle. You take more of them and they kill more of your gut flora and leave you vulnerable for repeated infections. You must stop taking any antifungal right now and get into the process of boosting your natural immunity by natural means. And you must make provisions for the natural gut flora to live and prosper.

See what others say on the ways to do it. These are a few posts that narrate things to their finest details and based on solid logic. Thumping the Thymus gland is a proven procedure to enhance living conditions for the probiotics you have been gulping down since the beginning of time. So is mineral water to restore gut alkalinity. Find how to do it in these posts.

Remember, Mother Nature wants us to be something while humans are foolish enough to look the other way. But not all. Let me hope you are one amongst the rare breed.
answered Jul 18, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)
So.... so..... SO...... true. You are right. Every single word you wrote here is so true. I keep this one... "Remember, Mother Nature wants us to be something while humans are foolish enough to look the other way. But not all. Let me hope you are one amongst the rare breed."