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How long does it take for Probiotics to treat Candida?

I purchased some probiotics and wanted to know how long it will take to treat candida.
asked Jul 18, 2013 in Treatment by Alice Helper (200 points)

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Hi, there are a few things to address before I can completely answer your question. If those factors are okay, then a 45 to 60 day span will put all your worries to rest.

I already sense you are anticipating another drab account of restoring gut pH. Bear with me as it gets a little bit technical. It is definitely an important part of a rock stable immunity but not everything. You must concentrate on your spleen first and next, the T-lymphocytes. These are small lymphocytes developed in the thymus gland, orchestrating the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells. As for the spleen, it produces cells involved in immune responses. Pity that most of the so called ‘–ologists’ turn a blind eye towards it while making mountains out of molehill for the liver. You can’t restore gut pH without fixing the other two; neither can you fix the other two without a proper gut flora support. You must handle all three simultaneously to obtain a fool-proof result.

The reason behind the spleen and the T-lymphocytes (in fact, the thymus gland) acting funny are antibiotics; more so, if you were born through a Caesarian section. Since you didn’t pass through the birth canal, the lactobacillus from your mother’s body didn’t reach you. A baby’s body is more like a ground prepared for cultivation; whichever bacteria they first gain, gives an upper hand. So it is paramount that soon-to-be-mothers get checked for a vaginal Candida infection few days prior to the delivery. For such newborns, probiotic doses are as important as mother’s milk, especially the initial concentrated form high in colostrum, for the first 6 months. Nothing else, not even water.

Sorry that I drifted from your actual question but it was important. Coming back to track, you must check your spleen and the T-cells first if you want complete recovery from Candida. The probiotics cannot fight long term without aid from these two. If the T-cells are not strong enough, they cannot aid the gut flora to fight the pathogens.

So how do you do that?

You cannot act like a sniper here. You need to take into account the whole of the thymus gland (it is right below the sternum, underneath thyroid) and wake it up from its slumber. This is also a good way to reset your emotional balance and bring back the vital life energy. All you need to do is transform into a Silverback in rage for sometime. Just joking; what you actually do is thump your mid-chest are (between the pectoral muscles) with your fist (the thumb and index finger side) for 20 seconds, followed by a soft but firm rubbing for another 20 seconds. You’ll notice a sudden increase in blood circulation and your abdominal area will feel a lot lighter. So will your mind, but one thing is you need to be in a positive frame of mind for best results. You must breathe deep (in and out). After day 3, change to three thumps at a time, with a firmer first thump.

I saw a post in this forum elsewhere on the importance of mineral/spring water to restore gut pH, so I’m not going that way. However, always remember that ‘thumping to glory’ alone is not sufficient and would take longer than without the probiotics.

As for the spleen, consider it an immunologic filter, still better, a conference center for all body fluids and cells involved with immunological functions. The spleen is where B cells are activated to produce antibodies and is also the junkyard for old RBC-s. If you are clueless on what B-Cells are, they are lymphocytes from the bone marrow that mature into plasma cells and produce antibodies known as immunoglobulin. This counters antigens. You need to breathe deep to get it started once again, but that breathing must follow an order.

Try the things I spoke about so far. If your fabric of patience with probiotics was on the verge of tearing, this will put a tough patchwork on.

answered Jul 18, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)