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What are the signs and symptoms of Candida Die Off?

How bad is Candida die off? What are the signs and symptoms I should be weary of?
asked Jul 17, 2013 in General Candida Questions by Beverly

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Here’s a brief lowdown on Candida die-off from someone who had been sick as a dog with it for two long years and battled the monster, often considering self-gutting the only way to relief. My stars to thank; it didn’t demand that heavy a price. But that’s another story and if time and space permits, I’ll try giving bits and pieces on it at the end. For the time being, I’ll stick to the point.
Candida die-off makes you want climb the walls and suddenly you lose the zeal to fight it as you did so far. In my case, it came around the 3rd week of shunning everything even distantly related to the fungus, especially sugars. The raw, organic honey and the probiotics did work wonders and the symptoms were a sign of the two fighting the fungus all tooth and nail bared, only that I realized it much later. I went back to the whiskey and accepted reefers for the first time in my life to lift my mood. The die-off robs you off healthy dopamine levels, which I tried to camouflage with artificial means. In fact, that’s how your subconscious will drive you to cope with the fits of depression. It was a massive mistake and I had to go back and start the Candida diet right from the scratch, but I was wiser than before on my second attempt. I surely didn’t want to go through hell again but I knew this time if I can stand it, I’ll make it. It gave me a lot of grit to pull through. Fear is indeed a driving factor.

So it was a repetition of what happened the first time exactly after 3 weeks. This time, itching and muscle spasms were also there. It seemed my cognitive abilities were failing and my soft skills had hit rock bottom. I felt burning sensations on the sole of my feet; also along the shoulders and some amount of numbness and spasms in my limbs. Luckily, I didn’t get the furry white tongue, but my eyeballs shifted rapidly (at times, I thought it to be due to some guilty conscious). The intense belching (horrible odor) and foul smelling bowel movements; nausea and an anxious feeling all were present. The only thing that kept me from going back to alcohol is a hope that it will be over soon and there are better days ahead. However, you may also feel dizziness, headaches, depression and pain in the joints, muscles…in fact, anywhere in the entire body.

The sore throat was too much to bear and the adrenal fatigue lead to complete exhaustion within no time for those 5 days. So I slept (literally) for the most part of the days instead and restricted myself to greens, lean meats and eggs. The probiotics followed it.

The sweat and skin breakouts showed up on the 3rd day of getting into the Candida treatment program; I found mineral water and probiotics ease it up to a great deal.

However, I can’t stress enough against the theory of flushing Candida-generated toxins through sweat. You workout and stress the body and your immunity goes down further. Wait until the symptoms disappear completely; when you are confident, start exercising again from the scratch. It will help the lymphatic system to do a thorough cleansing of the body. This is also a good time to start rebuilding gut health and it can be considerably restored within approx two weeks.

Always remember that symptoms are passing phases that promise the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow you overcome.
answered Jul 18, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)