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Should I rotate my antifungals?

Some people say to rotate antifungals while others say do not rotate them. How do you feel about that?
asked Aug 21, 2013 in Treatment by Tess

1 Answer

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Certain antifungals need to be rotated every two weeks, otherwise, the Candida are able to adapt to them easily. Some of the antifungals that should be alternated are thyme oil, Caprylic acid, and even though I do not agree with its use, grapefruit seed extract. The reason I do not recommend grapefruit seed extract is because it contains powerful antifungal properties which are capable of destroying the beneficial flora in the intestines. Your goal on a Candida treatment is to rebuild the flora, not to destroy it. 
Antifungals which do not need to be rotated are whole food sources such as virgin coconut oil, rutabaga, Brussels sprouts and garlic. Although with the use of garlic, it also contains antibacterial properties which can destroy the beneficial bacteria over time, so because of this you would need to stop using a lot of raw garlic as well as garlic gel pills after about four weeks, after which you will need to concentrate on rebuilding the beneficial flora in your intestines, and this would be difficult to accomplish while taking any type of antibacterial food or supplement.
I would also suggest that you use a supplement such as Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for lessening the toxins from the die-off, drink a lot of water during your entire treatment, and take hot soaking baths or saunas every day to help remove the toxins. 
answered Aug 21, 2013 by Sean Knows About Candida (1,540 points)