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I believe I have cleared myself from Candida, but how long should I stay on this diet?

I believe I cleared myself from Candida, and have never felt better. The only problem is I hate this diet, it's so restrictive, and I can't really live. I want to stay healthy, am I forced to stay on this diet?
asked Aug 21, 2013 in Diet by anonymous

1 Answer

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Once you are 100% clear of all Candida symptoms and your die-off symptoms have stopped completely, it’s my opinion and experience that you should remain on the strict Candida diet for approximately six more months. At that time you could begin testing foods one at a time, leaving at least one week between testing a new food item. Some of the foods suggested for the first few tests are; a small amount of home-cooked dried beans (these should not be canned beans), ¼ of a tomato, ¼ of a sweet potato, or ½ of a Granny Smith apple. If you receive either an allergic reaction or even a mild Candida symptom as a reaction, this means that your infestation is still apparent, and you should wait another few months before testing more foods.

One of the worst foods to try in the beginning of the third stage is fruit. Remember that all fruit contains fructose which is a natural form of sugar, and Candida can survive and multiply on fructose. Another food type to avoid for a longer time is anything which falls in the category of a starch. Starch, when broken down in your body, equals sugar; so if you think that Candida cannot live and increase their population on starch, you’re sadly mistaken.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by Sean Knows About Candida (1,540 points)