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What do you think about using Nystatin or Diflucan as a means to cure Candida?

If you ever have a bad Candida infection your doctor will most likely prescribe you Nystatin or Diflucan, yet I see that they are usually not recommended that often when I browse online. Why is that?
asked Aug 21, 2013 in Treatment by Hillary

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Both Nystatin and Diflucan are prescription antifungals. During a Candida albicans infestation of the body, you can use prescription antifungals such as these as well as others, or you use natural antifungals such as herbs and natural food-sources.  Some of the natural food sources of good antifungals are Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, and garlic which can be eaten raw or you can purchase garlic pills which should contain allicin. Some antifungal herbs are cinnamon, black walnut, cajeput which is white tea tree oil, chamomile, and calendula among other herbs. Barberry is a popular antifungal as well, but herbs containing this substance should not be used especially during a Candida or yeast treatment. This agent contains properties which can damage the lining of the intestines as well as destroy the beneficial flora in the intestines.

All of these will kill Candida albicans which is the goal of an antifungal. However, none of them can cure a Candida infestation because they cannot change the environment of the intestines which must take place before a Candida infestation can be stopped. Another reason that I suppose some people do not wish to take these two could be the possible side effects which are always a chance with any prescription medication as well as with a lot of natural supplements.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by Sean Knows About Candida (1,540 points)