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How long do I have to stay on the Candida Diet?

I want to know how long I have to stay on the diet for.
asked Jul 17, 2013 in Diet by Jean Helper (230 points)

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You asked kind of a weird question. It is a no-brainer that body constitutions are different and there’s no median working here. It all depends on the severity of the infection you got and the extent your body's immunity is compromised. Candida diet, in such cases, is fine as long as you are on it, for it starves the fungus to death. Even if you manage to do that the fungus will return, unless you rebuild your immunity. It is the first and foremost reason why Candida could overpower your natural defenses.
Firstly, the Candida diet will not work if you can’t reduce your sweet intake. Sweets, not in the sense of cakes, candies, corn syrups and the likes but also colored veggies. Forget beta-carotene for a while; carrots and other colored vegetables will feed the Candida more than it will feed you. But this also makes you run the risk for hypoglycemia or abnormally low blood sugar. So, I repeat again, REDUCE your sugar intake; do not STOP it completely. Opt for raw, organic honey instead, in minute quantities. Honey is nature’s own pathogen-killer.

Also, complex carbs; they fuel the body over longer spans but not the Candida. That is, not as much. This will weaken the fungus over a span of a couple of weeks but not so weak that you can take it down with natural yogurt alone. Natural yogurt is good for sustaining the immunity once it’s maxed. Still, occasional doses of probiotic supplements (say, after a dinner and cocktail party or after working overnight) are a must, even if you have never experienced a Candida infection ever in your life. Preventive measures, based on personal experience, go a long way and can save a lot of agonies from surfacing.

I didn’t mention about restoring the pH balance in the gut, so here we go. The effects of a Candida diet can be enhanced royally with mineral and/or spring water. But take care you don’t turn your insides more alkaline than required. That’s the beginning of another health snafu, so stick to a 2:1 (mineral water: boiled, plain, chlorine-free water) ratio. Remember, you are trying to gain control and not targeting going overboard with it. Set a target of 3 quarts a day. The reason I say to avoid tap water is, most of it is chlorinated. If the water is chlorinated, it will kill whatever little gut flora you still have left within. Probiotics won’t be of any help, in that case. Also, no coffee, black tea, chocolate drinks, condiments, sauces and vinegar unless you have real hots for mold contamination.

This is a month-long recommendation for people with mild to moderate infections and occasional skin breakouts. As you will draw to the middle of the course, you’ll start getting the DIE-OFF symptoms, which are good, since it tells you that the diet is working. Here’s where you must start the castor oil cleanse; mix 2 tbsp of it to lukewarm water and squeeze a lemon into it. This you must repeat for 3 consecutive days first and then once every 5 days as the month draws to an end. It has been noticed to reduce the span dramatically.

I haven’t yet addressed extreme cases that exhibit gluten intolerance or a Leaky Gut syndrome. Those take longer to heal and also need the digestion process to be restored alongside a starting cleanse. But that’s a long story; drop a line here if you need it and I shall happily give out the nitty-gritty to their fullest details. For now, let this much be your guiding beacon towards a full recovery.

I’m not a Vulcan but I like their parting phrase: Live long and prosper.
answered Jul 17, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)
Hey Steven would you mind elaborating on the extreme cases as you mentioned towards the end of your post? I got blood tested by a naturopath and she said I was gluten sensitive not intolerant and I also had Leaky gut. I have tried to be on a conservative diet for a few months now and have really improved a lot, castor oil once a week has made a massive difference. However I feel I still have a long way to go and the occasional time I do slip with my diet a flare up can happen very quickly which tells me I'm not out of the woods yet. I'm finding the worst part of this all is my high metabolism and trying to eat enough food just to maintain my body weight/image and not waste away within a week or two like I did the first few attempts I had on the diet. Happy to elaborate my situation further if you would like, I liked the quality of your post and was hoping to hear more :), thx Michael.
I suffer with an extreme case of candida. I am on the diet and taking natural supplements to kill the candida and build up my system. I started on 9/18/15 so it's my first week. Will you please share the details you mentioned above. I would like to know if I'm using everything necessary for recovery.