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Is Candida Connected to Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis?

Ever since I was young I would get eczema and upon reading about candida believe I may have it. If I take care of my candida infestation will it get rid of my skin issues?
asked Oct 16, 2013 in General Candida Questions by annie

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Yes, certainly. The yeast Candida has a long association with the symptoms of skin disorders like eczema or atopic dermatitis. If one search the scientific studies performed in this filed, he will find a lot of literature to support for the association between the two. There are also good scientific rationale behind the connection as found in those studies. Therefore, the scientific community seems to be more or less in agreement regarding the role of Candida in the development of the skin disorders like eczema and atopic dermatitis. However, the situation was not this a few years back. The major hurdle that the physicians faced in the treatment of the skin diseases is that certain bacteria and viruses are also held responsible for the symptoms. As we all are familiar that somehow or the other our physicians have a liking for the antibiotics which certainly aggravates the situation if the causative agent is Candida. Infact, it has now been established that Candida is the culprit in most of the cases of skin disorders. Proper detection of the causative agent holds the key in the treatment, go for a CanDia5 test kit to get yourself tested for the presence of Candida without any hassles.
According to Dr. Nakashima, atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic and fluctuating diseased condition of the skin. It is an exaggerated inflammatory response of the immune system manifested through the skin disorder in terms of itching with chronic relapses.
How can Candida lead to the development of eczema like symptoms?
Various scientific works have studied the role of Candida in eczema and related skin problems and have come up with sufficient theories in support of the role of the yeast in the skin disorders. Since, it is more or less confirmed that Candida is the reason behind eczema or skin dermatitis. Let’s find out the basis of the development of the disorders by the yeast:
Candida can induce enhanced inflammatory responses:
Scientist like Dr. Faergemann has observed that Candida can enhance our inflammatory responses by inducing our immune system. The antigens (the molecules considered foreign by our immune system) released by Candida within our body stimulates increased production and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines that may get manifested through symptoms of skin disorders. Such hypersensitive reactions are similar to those that you might experience with any other allergen that causes you the allergic reactions like dust, pollen grains, metal dust or any foreign particles that your system might refuse to recognize and result in exaggerated reaction and manifest through skin disorders.
Gut colonization and skin barrier dysfunctioning:
Dr. Niwano from Kitasato University, Japan has suggested that individuals with Candida mediated AD show increased colonization of the gut by the yeast. Infact, it is this gut colonization by Candida that forms the basis of its ability to modulate our immune responses.  Several other scientists like Dr. Lacour, Dr. Nikkels and Dr. Pierard have demonstrated through their findings that the colonization of Candida in the gut leads to the aggravated inflammatory responses in allergic diseases. In recent times, the dysfunctioning of the skin barrier (consists of barrier to the pathogens and also act as a permeability barrier and thus protects us from any foreign invasion of our system) has been established as an essential and critical factor behind the pathophysiological conditions experienced during atopic dermatitis. So, does the culprit candida have any role to play in the break down of the skin barrier? Indeed, studies link Candida with significant damage to the skin barrier and resulting in its dysfunctioning. It does so by repeated and exaggerated activation of the barrier due to its continual secretion of the toxic metabolic byproducts. As a result this over-sensitization ultimately leads to the break down of the barrier.
The right choice in the prevention of the disorders:
Dr. Wickens has established that the probiotics can have positive effects in the alleviation of the symptoms of eczema and related skin disorders. Dr. Eigenmann and his team have unfolded similar beneficial role of the probiotic supplements in the fight against eczema. We all know about the effectiveness of the probiotics in controlling the Candida population within safety limits. With their dual role of regulating the Candida growth and providing relief from the symptoms of the skin disorders, they can just be our ideal therapy against eczema and Candidiasis. It now becomes a matter of picking up the right probiotic product like ‘Probacto’ that can help in such situation.
Further reading:
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