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Is candida connected with tooth decay?


Is there a connection between tooth decay and candida? I have heard candida can affect the enamel of your teeth and further the whole deal with oral thrush.

asked Oct 14, 2013 in Misc by jennifer

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Indeed, there are high chances of a connection between Candida overgrowth and your decaying teeth.  A lot of scientific literature has come up in recent years that have associated the yeast with the tooth decay. Infact studies suggest that Candida can accelerate the dental cavities through a modulation of the oral beneficial microflora. If you happen to consult your dentist with such dental cavities more often than not he would suggest you a mercury filling. However, with the passage of time this kind of fillings goes on to increase the level of Candida overgrowth.

Therefore, never hesitate to go for a CanDia5 test kit which can easily detect whether there is increased population of the yeast in your system that has given rise to your aching teeth.
Relationship between teeth cavity fillings and Candida:
With the increase in number of tooth decay incidences in recent years, more people have their teeth filled up with mercury or other heavy metals. If you happen to have a tooth decay case and you have rightly suspected that it’s the Candida which is responsible for it but still your anti-Candida diet or medications are not working. Little do you suspect that those mercury fillings are actually giving the yeast a growth advantage.

The mercury from the fillings can leak out into your system and reach the gut. A lot of research has gone on to reveal that Candida can well tolerate mercury and survive in its presence due to the unique ability of the yeast to accumulate mercury and other heavy metals. However, the other beneficial microflora of your body that are involved in rendering strength to the immune system are removed in presence of the heavy metals thereby resulting in Candida overgrowth. A modulation of the gut microflora can eventually result in the alteration of the population of the beneficial oral mucosal microbes. So, you find it’s all connected and a harmonious cycle goes on.
Usual treatments and accelerated rate of tooth decay:
Dr. Dudko and his colleagues have found the presence of Candida in the oral cavities of patients. Just a few days back one of my friends was telling me his experience with tooth decay and how the available treatments sometimes goes on to accelerate the rate of tooth decay instead of relieving you from the problems.

He had a minor issue with one of his tooth getting infected. Since, a cavity was not yet formed the dentist he consulted went on to prescribe him antibiotics. However, within a little period of time a large cavity was developed which is clearly suggestive of the fact that it wasn’t bacteria. Moreover, the causative agent seems to have accelerated its growth and aggravated the situation. This is the reason why many of the affected individuals do not get relief from teeth problems using anti-bacterial medications like the antibiotics as the causal agent is just someone else.

It was not long that he managed to gain some information and have a candida test done which came out to be positive. However, he was using some kind of a potent anti-fungal oil which was also not effective. By now you might know that such kind of oils although might be effective against the Candida can also kill the beneficial bacteria of your system. At the same time it might result in rapid killing of the yeast which results in Candida die off and related problems. Just a perfect scenario to increase the intensity of your existing Candida overgrowth problems.

The major point that came up through this discussion is that it is necessary to have a Candida test done if you have infection in your teeth. Not only this, proper anti-Candida products should be used which could provide you with the smooth removal of the yeast as well as become a permanent solution to inhibit candida overgrowth. Dr. Staron suggests that Candida is linked with a lot of health issues of the teeth.
What could be the right choice?
Of course you should take probiotics to safely outgrow the Candida without the fear of a die off. The probiotic product if formulated with the right blend of the beneficial strains can become effective in providing relief in oral ailments. A number of reports including those by Dr. Prakash and Dr Wescombe and their groups suggest for the beneficial use of probiotic strains to fight against dental caries. Infact, there are reports of the successful use of probiotics in tooth paste and other products.

But the problem is that the market consists of a whole lot of probiotic products and if you are unsure about your pick just go for ‘Probacto’. It has been prepared after years of research and has all the beneficial elements of the perfect probiotic.
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