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How can I avoid fungal nail infections?

I keep getting nail fungus in my fingers and toes. It's beyond annoying. How can I avoid it?
asked Jul 31, 2013 in General Candida Questions by nuru

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It’s not uncommon, at all, for fungal yeast infections to impact the nails of both the fingers and the toes. While this condition is very common, it’s also very difficult to clear up – especially if you don’t realize you have a chronic yeast overgrowth within your body to begin with. The following are some simple, quick things you can do to treat them and prevent them from occurring to begin with.

Cleanliness is Key

The fungal yeast organism loves warm, moist environments – exactly what you have when your sweaty foot drenches your sock and shoe. Do your best to keep your feet and hands clean and dry at all times. If, for example, your infection is impacting a toenail, try to change your socks or use tea tree oil powder in your shoes to keep your feet dryer for longer periods of time.

Get Some Old Fashioned Vitamin D

Yeast doesn’t like bright sunlight, hence liking dark environments. Let your feet out into the light for at least 15 minutes each day. For optimal results, visit the beach where the sand and ocean water will contribute to healing as well.

Switch Up Your Footwear

Don’t wear the same shoes or sandals every single day. Let the shoes you wore yesterday air out for a full day before wearing them again. This is especially important if you play sports or love to wear sneakers. You should have 2-3 different pairs of shoes (and lots of clean socks) to alternate between.

ACV Foot Baths

Make a foot bath with warm water and a half cup of apple cider vinegar. If you have it, add a teaspoon of colloidal silver as well. Allow your feet to soak in this mixture for about a half hour. Make sure your feet are DRY before covering them again.

Avoid Nail Salons

For both finger and toenail issues, try to avoid salons. They’re a breeding ground for fungal irritations. If you must have your nails done professionally, buy your own nail supplies to ensure you’re not getting anything that’s been improperly sterilized.

Ditch Your Shoes

Ditch your shoes altogether. The less time your feet are trapped inside your shoes and socks, the harder it is for the yeast organism to grow and thrive.

Buy Clean, Cotton Socks

If you do have a job that requires your feet to be covered, try changing your socks a couple of times per day to ensure your feet stay clean and dry.  Buy cotton socks and put some powder with tea tree oil in it in your socks before putting them on over your dry feet.

Avoid Pharmaceuticals

Fungal nail infections are pesky, but there’s no reason to use pharmaceutical creams or drugs, full of chemicals, when there are tons of natural remedies out there. If you do get a fungal nail infection, stick with remedies that involve tea tree oil or oregano oil – natural antifungals that are just as effective.

Embrace Garlic

Last but not least, you can use Garlic. Garlic has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Crush up a clove of garlic and make a paste out of it, then rub it into the nail that is infected. Wrap it up, like a plaster, and leave it on the area overnight. In the morning, rinse it off and put a drop of tea tree oil on the nail. Do this a few times a week and your infection will start to clear up.

Fungal nail infections aren’t generally painful, but they’re annoying and unsightly to look at. Do your best to avoid them, and try to use natural remedies if you do get one. The extra time and effort will be well worth the results.

answered Aug 1, 2013 by Melissa Helper (500 points)