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Can I Get a Yeast Infection in My Mouth?

I thought I might have yeast infection in my mouth, but I've never heard of this happening.
asked Jul 15, 2013 in Oral & Thrush by Jennifer Newbie (120 points)

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Yes, you can. A yeast infection that occurs in the mouth is called oral thrush and is caused specifically by the Candida albicans strain of yeast. Oral thrush is generally more of an inconvenience for healthy individuals, but can be very serious and painful for those who have lower immune function than others. Anyone can contract oral thrush, but it’s most commonly seen in babies, in the mouths of those with dentures, and in those who use medical steroids such as predisone. Antibiotics are another common trigger.

It’s important to note that people who have depressed immune systems are at a much higher risk of developing oral thrush than others. Oral thrush is incredibly common amongst cancer patients, those suffering from HIV or AIDS, individuals with diabetes. Babies delivered during a regular vaginal birth may also develop oral thrush if their mothers have vaginal yeast infections at the time of delivery.

The symptoms of oral thrush can vary and may be mild depending on the severity of your case and the actual cause. The most common, tell-tale sign is the development of white lesions in the mouth, especially a thick, cottage-cheese-like coating on the tongue and cheeks. You may find your mouth bleeds if the lesions are scraped and you may notice extra cracking of the skin around your mouth. Most people with oral thrush have a decreased sense of taste and complain of cotton-mouth.

If you’re a healthy adult, your doctor may recommend eating plain yogurt or taking probiotics in the form of either a capsule or liquid. Mothers of babies with oral thrush may need to use antifungal ointments on their breasts while taking special care to sterilize the bottles, nipples and other equipment the baby comes into contact with regularly.
answered Jul 15, 2013 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)