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What's a good time to reintroduce foods in the candida diet?

I want to slowly reintroduce foods, but how?
asked Jul 29, 2013 in Diet by Evonne

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It happens all the time, once you get over leaky gut or another digestive muck-up, people inevitably go back to eating the way they were used to. I mean eating unhealthy just taste so good. The problem is, this is like taking a new engine and going full throttle right from the start. You'll ruin it, you have to take it slow, and easy. So, go easy; the minimum time to get back to your old food habits could be anywhere from a week to 30 days. Just remember not to overdo it this time. Limit all your junk food and sugary snacks to two days a week and never more than one serving of each at a time. Also, replace sodas with unsweetened or minimally sweetened cranberry juice, whenever possible. Don't forget that water is a great liquid as well.
You must continue taking your probiotics. This you should do ritually with your Thymus thumping. There are a few nice posts on about this, and how it helps your digestion.
Complex carbohydrates are a vital part of nutrition, so you have to increase your intake. Sweet potatoes and beans need too long to digest and to be broken down, so go easy on them. Eating large amounts at a time will ensure another infestation comes up soon. The same will happen with sugary fruits and alcoholic drinks if taken in excess. And avoid antibiotics, by all means, unless the situation demands it badly.
Now, the tendency is to eat as much healthy food as you like but this can backfire as overdosing. Too much potassium, inadequate animal protein and too little salt makes Candida escape the large bowel and spill into the small one and then to other parts of the body. They take on the ileocecal valve (valve that separates the small and the large intestine), which turns it weak and makes the large intestine content to flow back into the small intestine. So all that alfalfa, Brussels and bean sprouts, bell peppers and broccoli, cucumbers and cauliflowers must be consumed within limits.  This is also when your digestion is taking off, so you must not tax it too much. There should be more of eggs, fresh fish (deep sea), lamb, veal, poultry and chicken. Also continue culinary herbs and spices with your normal diet.
The idea is to be responsible with your food habits. While that doesn’t give you total free hand to get loaded with junk (in its literal sense), you do not sacrifice more than 50% of what you were used to before. Some junk food, in limited amounts, keep hormones charged, which again help to fight candida. Now that’s another story we will talk about later.
answered Jul 29, 2013 by Morgan Helper (260 points)