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Can i treat candida with raw foods?

If I went on a raw food diet, would it treat candida?
asked Jul 28, 2013 in Diet by Floris

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Yes, sure you do can, but take care there's not sugar-stuffed veggies in your diet. Beets, carrots, papayas and other colored veggies are rich sources for beta-carotene, I know, but they are also high in sugar. That will trigger the Candida even more. Otherwise, it’s one of the best things you can do. It will bring back life and balance nutrition in the body. Raw food is also rich in live enzymes and aids the growth of beneficial, colony-forming bacteria which cut Candida. Opt for organic., even for the lean cuts, eggs and the few permitted dairy products. But, go easy on animal protein; eat just that much as you can digest. Else, the undigested portions putrify and turn the colon and then the entire body toxic. This further feeds the candida.

Raw foods scrub your insides pretty well but it’s always wise to start afresh. A three-day castor oil cleanse can prepare your body for its new start; however, you will also need a few other supportive agents. Read about them here. These will help your immune system heal better and faster. Without an adequately functioning immune system, no amount of probiotics can grant you total cure.

Remember not to make fruits and fats a part of your raw diet for the first four weeks. This should be nothing but green veggies, lean animal protein (only after the first week; no milk, not even hard cheeses and cream) and plain yogurt with live cultures. Take plenty of black pepper, sea salt, lemon juice, garlic and ginger. Cranberry nectar is good to take you out of your soda habits and reduce sugar cravings; just make sure it’s not overly sweetened. The little bits of sugar will help you.

You're basically eating like other primates in this world. While it’s not possible to do that exactly, it is better to stay as close as possible to it. That way, fat is the last thing you must have in the diet, but it is also essential for the hormones. So, a month’s abstinence is enough. The little fat that goes in with the lean cuts is kind of okay. Veggies like avocado have some, so that also fills in a bit.

With the diet, you must ensure lots of sunshine (don’t get sunburns, though). Do a little aerobics but don’t stress yourself, it will give candida advantage. Whoever says weight training is good to fight candida is sending you to your doom.

answered Jul 28, 2013 by Morgan Helper (260 points)