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Why should i get myself tested for candida yeast infection? And why should I treat it?

Is candida dangerous if i leave it untreated? Why should i get myself tested for candida to find out if I really have candida or not? I heard candia5 is a good test kit. Please tell me why should i even treat it?
asked Oct 8, 2013 in Diagnosis by Marko192

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Candida: Colon, then liver
Let’s start with something that will shock you the most. All your attempts at keeping your liver fit’n fine die if there’s candida present in your system. If you are irritated with your liver despite countless attempts at keeping it clean and trouble-free (this is an object of mass-interest; almost everybody keeps the liver at the top of their priority list), chances are there is candida lurking behind all of it. The liver is only giving you the first indications.
In liver we trust
If you ask how, then you must go through some liver theory. Liver secretes bile, has definite functions in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism; helps blood to clot, synthesizes vitamin A and also detoxifies blood by separating poisonous substances. It also breaks down worn-out red blood cells; that’s where bilirubin comes from and an excess amount in blood (due to complete liver failure) brings what we call jaundice. However, that it’s a symptom and not a disease by itself is a long talk and with a bit of deductive logic, but you’ll get the idea from the rest of this discourse.
Now, we come to acetaldehyde. This is what the liver processes alcohol into and it is quite huge a pressure. This is why you must not binge but drink slow; you must give the liver adequate time and tolerable pressure to handle. Anyway, now think the liver has to process alcohol 24/7, without a break, for years at stretch. You need an iron liver to withstand that.
Sadly, ours is just biological tissue, so after some time, it gives away. All liver functions stop or continue at a less-than-required manner. You slowly turn yellow. It’s jaundice.
All that lurks beneath:
You may very well wonder if you have ever drunk so much. You don’t need to; your friend candida opened up an alcohol factory in your guts and paying you sumptuous quantities as rent. This alcohol mixes in your blood directly; therefore far lethal than you downing a pint every 3 days or so. Additionally, it also gifts you its toxic byproducts that hinder flawless production and functions of your hormones, neuro-hormones and enzymes.
However, that’s reason enough to get you started on a Candida test, but there are always some who like stretching things to limits. All right, go on. See if you can stand the next one.
If you are lucky, you’ll escape with a diverticular colon. Let’s explain that a bit.
Diverticular colon is a condition due to a hernia formed through the muscular wall of the colon. Hernia, in simpler words, is rupture in smooth muscle tissue. It’s good that the colon has no structure to protrude through it and that rupture might eventually heal by itself, but it will create one or more pockets for stool deposition, which will eventually rot and harden. The rotting phase is the feast time for pathogens. And that can be more candida.
However, before all that, the colon sends you messages. Candida is a monster that eats you from inside-out, so it spreads from the colon to the neighboring organs and your digestive troubles start showing up one by one. The most horrible part to this is they also weaken (and then almost completely stop) the stomach’s parietal cells from making intrinsic factor, a glycoprotein (conjugated protein with a carbohydrate component) that is essential for the absorption of vitamin B12; earlier, they did this to your intestines. Candida also affects the stomach glands producing gastric acid, the firewall that burns any pathogen entering through mouth (and nose, to a bit). When gastric acid dies down, pathogens can freely enter your gut and bring such frustrating conditions like lactose and gluten intolerance and finally, a leaky gut syndrome. You lose the freedom to eat and move around.
These; however, are extreme cases. Milder instances are associated with UTI, frequent stomach upsets, indigestion, belching, abdominal cramps – even fibromyalgia! However, when your digestion slows down, your body gets less fuel to perform its works wholly and that’s when you start losing the sharpness. Without vitamin B12, your brain can’t function normally and there comes a shortage of neurons. Depression and insomnia are obvious signs; others are ED, premature ejaculation and a chronic progressive anemia (pernicious anemia) of older adults.
Need anything more to go for candida test and treatment?
If yes, then the equation on goes like this:
Candida (alcohol + toxins) => Weaker digestion => Weaker immunity => Weaker body => More candida => Process repeats.
Hope things are clear now.
answered Oct 8, 2013 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)